The School Advisory Forum (SAF) is open to all members of the school and community. The Forum has one member to report to the School Advisory Council, which then sends a representative to the district SAC. The district SAC acts as advisors, mentors, and advocates to both the district and to each school advisory council. At a School Advisory Forum all present will:

    • Plan, develop, and implement parent/community programs and training activities.

    • Address parent/community concerns; work with administration to solve problems and initiate desired changes.

    • Identify and coordinate the use of community resources to improve student achievement and school effectiveness.

    • Participate in increasing/sustaining high levels of community support for the school.

    • Assist SAC in identifying the educational needs and priorities of the school.

    • Participate in the preparation of the budget, and review budget related concerns.

    • Advocate for positive change in the school.

    • Remain current with school, district, state, and national issues.

    • Jointly work with School Board Members, Superintendent, and local Government officials.

Facilities, Safety, Legislative, ESE, ESOL, Boundaries, Curriculum, Dress code, and Transportation are all issues addressed by SAF.