Florida Statute indicates that Accountability Funds shall be used to “develop and implement” the School Improvement Plan. It is the legislative intent that these funds will enhance rather than supplant dollars and programs already in existence.    

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is responsible for determining how these funds will be appropriated. To designate accountability funds, SAC must vote on each item. If changes occur as to how the funds will be used, these changes must be indicated in the SAC minutes. The total allocation of Accountability Funds should be utilized annually to promote the school’s written objectives and action steps. Effective 2008-09, the school will be funded in the amount of $5.00 per unweighted FTE for Accountability.

“Do’s and Don’ts” 

  • Must be tied to programs/activities in the School Improvement Plan
  • Must be used to enhance student performance
  • May be expended only on programs or projects selected by the School Advisory Council (SAC)
  • May be used for student incentives (i.e., certificates/plaques) but not for items unrelated to education like an Ipod, etc.
  • Principals may not override the recommendations of the SAC 
  • May not be used for capital improvements
  • May not be used for any project or program that has a duration of more than 1 year (however; a SAC may independently determine that a program or project formerly funded should receive funds in a subsequent year)
  • May not be used to pay a bonus to an individual for performing the duties of chairperson of SAC
  • May not be used for food
  • Always ask: “Will this expenditure improve student achievement and the implementation of the SIP?”