Pompano Beach High School Athletic Booster Club Scholarship

The Athletic Booster Club offers a scholarship up to $1000.00 to student athletes that meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must be a scholar-athlete, graduating with a magnet diploma, have a minimum overall GPA of a 3.0 weighted, earning a minimum of two varsity letters (one of which is to be earned his/her senior year).
  1. Student must show 90% attendance their senior year.
  1. Student must have an acceptance letter from a college or university.
  1. Student’s parent, legal guardian, or representative (ie: grandparent/aunt/uncle or other family member) must be an Athletic Booster Club member for the student’s Junior and Senior Years at Pompano Beach High School.
  1. The student, parent, legal guardian, or representative must serve and record volunteer hours working on Athletic Booster Club activities for the student to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on meeting all the requirements and are based on the amount of volunteer hours served:
  • 100 hours = $1,000 scholarship
  • 75 hours = $750 scholarship
  • 50 hours =   $500 scholarship
  1. Hours earned cannot be transferred to another student that does not share the same parent, legal guardian or representative.
  1. Hours volunteered to student’s individual sport do not count toward Athletic Booster Club hours.

Any exceptions or special circumstances must be brought to the scholarship committee and booster club board to be reviewed and voted on. Barring any financial obligations or serious behavioral issues, each scholar-athlete will be issued the scholarship after graduation requirements are fulfilled.

To track volunteer hours toward the scholarship, please use THIS FORM and periodically provide updates to the membership chair.