Club: Mu Alpha Theta

Mission Statement: (Purpose) To develop, practice and develop math talents in order to proliccate inner arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and calculus skills to be used in class and real life situations.


Student Name                                                           Position

Carson Allen                                                              Co-President                                   

Marina Guimaraes                                                   Co-President

Heayeon Kim                                                             Secretary

Justine Powell                                                            Treasurer

Club Sponsor(s): Mr. Gates

Frequency of meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Meeting Day and Time: 3:30 on Wednesday

Meeting Location: Room 330

Sept. 16th

Oct. 7th 21st

Nov 4th 18th

Dec. 2nd

Jan 6th 20th

Feb 3rd 17th

Mar. 2nd 16th

Apr. 6th 20th

May. 4th 18th