Welcome. Through this website, we want to give you a sense of Pompano Beach High and take you on a virtual visit of our school. Here you can find information and learn about the programs that make PBHS a place that fosters academic excellence. At PBHS, we believe that when the home and the school work together, students are most successful. Therefore, the success of our school is largely dependent on the involvement of our students, parents, and staff in our academic and extracurricular programs throughout the school year. In keeping with this belief, we encourage you, our parents, to be involved and attend the parent activities that we have throughout the year. We also believe that our students should be exposed to diverse experiences in order to receive a well-rounded education. That’s why, in addition to offering opportunities to participate in sports, Pompano Beach High offers a wide range of other extracurricular activities, including Student Government Association and National Honor Society, along with others. Our entire faculty and staff are here to serve and assist our students in reaching their goals. We want to maintain a culture of academic excellence, which fosters lifelong learners and responsible citizens. As the principal of Pompano Beach High, my goal is to equip students to accomplish this mission. Thank you for your continued support. Hudson B. Thomas