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Pompano Beach High School is an all-magnet high school, specializing in International Affairs with Information Technology. PBHS is an ‘A’ rated school and the 13th highest rated high school in the state of Florida. Our mission is for students to see beyond the walls of their own world—to give them a greater understanding and appreciation for people around the globe. Our global interest is seen in our own diverse student population representing over 29 countries and 25 languages. All students are required to participate in a full magnet program, which includes a minimum of four credits of English, math, science, and social studies and three credits in sequence of the same modern world language and the same business technology program. In addition to the magnet diploma, students are able to earn both the Scholar and Merit Diploma Designations. The magnet program offers a variety of choices. In addition to students earning three credits from sequential World Language courses, they also choose a minimum of three sequential Business Technology courses from four unique programs.

International Business

Scientific Visualization

Computer Science

The first two Business Technology programs listed above require an entry-level course: Introduction to Information Technology (IIT). This course counts as one of the three required business technology courses for the magnet diploma. Each of the three programs has an Industry Certification assessment that earns the student a merit designation on the diploma. The online IIT course can be taken on the PBHS campus as one of the seven scheduled classes or at home in addition to the seven classes. The first course in the Computer Science program is Exploring Computer Science and is not available online. The Computer Science program has two Advanced Placement courses and no Industry Certification assessment.

International Business Program

The International Business program develops the appreciation, knowledge, and skills necessary to thrive in a global marketplace. An accounting course is included in this program and students take the Quickbooks Industry Certification assessment.

Scientific Visualization Program

The courses in this program provide students with instruction in the evolution and principles of scientific visualization, including various tools and techniques used in different industries to retrieve, render, and display two- and three-dimensional representations of scientific and other forms of data. Students take the Dreamweaver


Students in Mr. Holley’s Sci Viz class learning to use, and program for, the Microsoft HoloLens.

Industry Certification assessment in this program.

Computer Science Program

Students are given the opportunity to study computer science with fundamental topics including problem solving, robotics, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, algorithms, analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing. The second and third courses in this program are Advanced Placement and allow students to pursue college-level studies with the potential of earning college credit.

For more information, please call Jeff Williams